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Welcome to the wonderful world of WACI!

What is WACI?

WACI NX+ is the world's most powerful non-proprietary IP control system. It's a web server whose web pages make things happen in the real world. The Web Accessible Control Interface is the "ambassador" between the Ethernet and intelligent electronics. Whether the product is controlled via IR, RS232/422/485, Telnet, relays or I/Os, WACI NX houses the control interface.

WACI is accessed through any web browser running on a wired or wireless Ethernet network and requires no special software; WACI is set up using web-authoring tools. Numerous RS232/422/485, IR, relay and DSP control ports are available, and a robust IR learner is standard. The WACI NX is also expandable using additional WACI NX units or expansion modules.

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