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The NX-22 is the non-proprietary and non-platform specific IP control system technology from Aurora Multimedia. This 32-bit 900 MIPS packs plenty of power to not only take on current tasks but many future ones as well. One of the greatest new innovations is the patent pending wireless microphone technology using Bluetooth. This allows for clear voice lift capabilities using the Aurora Bluetooth lavaliere microphone or any off the shelf Bluetooth headset. In addition, the NX-22 has the ability to control room audio and to playback MP3 audio files for voice prompting, automated message announcements and music. This can by easily uploaded via the built in FTP, USB or micro SD and is only limited by the capacity of the USB or micro SD device.

Having many ports is important as well. The NX-22 has a variety of ports to control many different types of equipment such as but not limited to serial ports for devices like projectors, IR ports for DVD players, relays for screen or shade control, and I/O ports for door and motion sensor devices.

Digital recording which can be stored locally or transferred via LAN will be available as a future add-on. In addition, voice commands will be another future option so a user can press a button on the Bluetooth device to be prompted to say a command. At that point the user can say "projector on" or "lights off" as an example and the NX-22 will respond accordingly. This feature not only gives a futuristic feel but allows the present to change the environment without having to relocate to the location of the control interface.